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Anne Franc. CBiol. MSB. - Drugs Expert

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Forensic scientist since: 1970


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1 Areas of expertise

Including: Cannabis production and cultivation, Drug legislation, Drug testing and analysis, Drug valuation, Drugs comparisons and purity analysis, Drugs on money, Drugs packaging comparison, Drugs trace detection and detection devices, Drugs training courses, Drug laboratory design and set-up.


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3 Experience


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5 Notable work


6 Notable cases

The case involved the characterisation and valuation of multiple seizures of different types of cannabis and cannabis resin. Based on her reports the POCA asset liability was substantially reduced from c.£14m to c.£1.5m. 

Based on her report the charges were reduced to possession of controlled drugs.

Defendant was found not guilty based on her cannabis growing cycle’s report, which showed that the defendant could not have been present at the cultivation address during the period in which the plants were grown.

Commercial supply charges were dropped, based on her report.


7 Recommendations

Linskills Solicitors

"Forensic Equity have greatly assisted us, our clients, and the courts, in a large number of complex cases. Their knowledge and expertise has been invaluable and they are the very definition of expert witnesses."


Download Anne's profile (PDF)


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Anne Franc. CBiol. MSB. - Drugs Expert
Principal scientist


+44 (0)118 9794043




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