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Assets saved, as police drop drugs on banknotes case

02 Apr 2013

Drugs on money

Cash assets worth in the region of £10,000 were saved from confiscation, when police dropped court proceedings, as a direct result of an expert witness report written by our Principal Forensic Scientist Anne Franc.
The police had tried to confiscate the cash under the proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) by claiming that their ‘in house’ testing of samples of the seized cash had shown levels of cocaine on them that were in excess of what one would expect to find on banknotes in general circulation in the UK and therefore by implication the cash was believed to be ‘drugs money’.
Our forensic expert not only challenged the procedures used to test the cash (a screening device known as the ‘Itemiser’) but also found the background data used to interpret the results was woefully inadequate.
Anne Franc commented “Police testing of seized cash is now commonplace and in my experience there is always scope to challenge the results and the confiscation order”   
Please contact us should you wish to find out more in relation to this case or to request a free case review of your clients case involving confiscation proceedings related to drugs on banknotes
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