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Body fluid analysis

Body fluid analysis


Conducting body fluid analysis in order to determine the presence or absence, identity and distribution of particular body fluids is key to the investigation of crimes against the person e.g. rape, assault or murder. The body fluids encountered in these types of cases are usually blood, semen and saliva and in some cases given the severity of the crime urine and faeces.


The correct identification of traces of these fluids at a crime scene or on clothing may be vital to a criminal investigation. The presence or absence of a particular body fluid on clothing, possible weapons, swabs or other items related to a crime scene, may assist a forensic biologist in determining what may have occurred at a crime scene and in identifying the persons that were or were not involved in the perpetration of the crime.


Forensic biologists

Forensic Biologist   

Nigel Hodge BSc. BTh. DipPS        


Forensic Biologist   

John Page. BA. MSBiol. CBiol. PGDip.


Forensic biologist Sara Short    

Dr Sara Short BSc. PhD. MFSSoc. MAE

Body fluid analysis - case example

A man is arrested and charged with rape, having been accused by a work colleague who said that he raped her, following an after-work drinking session. He admits to being intimate with her after having too much to drink, but denies that any penetrative sexual intercourse ever took place.


How can our forensic biologist assist the defence counsel?

Our forensic biologists have many years of experience in testing and analysing the following body fluids:


Our forensic biologists can:

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