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Cannabis production and cultivation defence

Cannabis production and cultivation

Cannabis cultivations are commonplace throughout the UK, but their scale can vary from a few plants grown in one room, to satisfy a personal habit, to cannabis 'factories' operated for large profits. The criminal charges brought and the penalties imposed will depend on the yields of cannabis that could have been produced by the plants grown. It is therefore essential that any yield calculations are best estimates and not second guesses and why you should always instruct an independent forensic scientist to review the prosecutions calculations before a trial or sentencing hearing.


Cannabis defence expert

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Anne Franc CBiol. MSB.


Charged with production of cannabis - Defence case example

Person found growing cannabis plants at their home address; sample plants seized and sent for forensic examination. Forensic report confirms the plants are cannabis and suggests that the potential yield of cannabis the plants could have produced exceeds that needed for personal use. Based on those findings the defendant is charged with cannabis cultivation and / or the production of cannabis and possession with intent to supply.


How can our cannabis cultivation expert help?


Our cannabis production and cultivation forensics have years of experience of actually attending and investigating cannabis production and cultivation scenes of every type and scale, writing crime scene reports, calculating plant yields and assessing the nature of those cultivations (i.e. whether they are small scale domestic productions or large scale commercial productions).


Our cannabis cultivation and production forensics can provide expert witness testimony to include:


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