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Forensic chemistry

Forensic chemistry
Forensic Equity’s chemists are highly qualified and highly skilled in the field of forensic chemistry. With over 60 years’ combined experience in the team, our forensic chemists are uniquely positioned to provide a thorough and credible assessment of the prosecution’s forensic evidence.

The role of forensic chemistry

A forensic chemist can use many different methods to reveal what chemical changes occurred during an incident, and in establishing such, can reconstruct the sequence of events. Forensic chemistry is a field which is also dedicated to the analysis of various substances that might be important or might have been used in the commission of a crime.


The application of forensic chemistry is vast, with the techniques used in cases of fire and explosions, burglary, breaking and entering and suspected altered and erased documents.


Our forensic chemists can assist in both criminal and civil cases which include:



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