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Our forensics are recognised as the best and most experienced in the UK.


Our forensic chemists can undertake:


Forensic case reviews

Some of the more serious criminal offences, involving contact traces and marks evidence, require a significant amount of expert interpretation of that evidence and expert opinions in relation to its significance, before a prosecution for such offences could be considered.


Chemistry - case example

Do you have a suspected attempted murder, involving marks and traces, which you feel should be committed for trial, but based on the analyses already carried out and the scientific statements so far received, appears to lack the strength of evidence necessary pursue a prosecution?


How can our forensic chemists help?

Our chemists have many years of experience in examining and reporting complex chemistry cases, involving advanced case strategies and expert interpretation of the evidence.


They can:


Crime scene interpretation

The examination of trace and marks evidence already gathered from the scene of a serious crime may not always be sufficient to link the perpetrator to the crime scene. It may be necessary for an expert forensic chemist to visit the scene to ascertain if any crucial evidence of that type has been missed.


Crime scene interpretation - case example

Have you gathered marks and traces evidence from the scene of a serious crime (e.g. attempted murder associated with breaking and entering), which, having been examined, does not provide sufficient evidence of a link between the crime scene and the suspected perpetrator. Is that crime scene still intact and preserved?


How can our forensic scientists help?

Our forensic chemists have many years of hands on scene going experience and possess the necessary expertise to ensure that all vital trace and marks evidence are recovered.


They can:


Complex case analysis

Complex cases, potentially involving examination of multiple evidence types, such as multiple burglaries , involving several perpetrators, may be difficult to manage successfully and require a high degree of expertise in case strategy and management.


Complex case analysis - case example

Do you have a serious criminal case where chemistry type examinations are required, but where large numbers of exhibits have been seized, although it is not clear which of them may be evidentially significant? Are you unsure which ones to submit for analysis, or what examinations to ask for to obtain best evidence?


How can our scientists help?

Our experts have years of experience in working their way methodically and systematically through chemistry cases with a maze of exhibits and planning and executing complex case strategies, in order to obtain best evidence to support a successful prosecution.


Our forensic scientists can:

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