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Cheshire police warn home growers against cannabis cultivation

07 Nov 2011

Cheshire police have warned Halton home growers that they are 'one step behind you' after statistics showed an increase in cannabis cultivations across the United Kingdom


Cheshire Police have warned its offices are closing in on criminals who are turning to the cultivation and supply of cannabis, instead of committing common burglaries.


Over the past few months officers have targeted homes in Cheshire, Halton and Warrington with early morning raids, seizing hundreds of cannabis plants and arresting dozens of dealers who have turned their homes and apartments into cannabis factories.


Detective Chief Inspector Simon Price explained that the ‘worrying’ 9% rise in drug-related crime over the past year was due to a surge in common criminals setting up their own ‘grow your own’ drug dens in a bid to make and save money.

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Forensic Equity Comment

"There is a marked difference between growing cannabis for personal use and growing cannabis in such a quantity that it could be considered commercial supply; with the two carrying very different sentences. However it requires a highly skilled and experienced forensic cannabis cultivation expert witness to provide credible comment, to insure that you are not incorrectly prosecuted."


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