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We can provide expert witness services including advice, reports and testimony in a range of civil cases. These civil cases may for example involve: drugs or poisons or alegations of child abuse.

Furthermore we can also provide an expert witness reports and testimony in road traffic accident claims cases or in cases where fingerprints are in question.



The use of forensics in civil cases - case example 1

Solicitors dealing with landlords whose liquor licences are under threat, as a result of suspected drugs abuse within their premises, may wish to consult us. As experts in trace analysis and trace detection devices we can, if the authorities have used drugs trace detection as part of the evidence of unlawful activity, assess the validity and strength of that evidence.


How can forensics be of use in civil cases - case example 2

We can also be of assistance to civil lawyers contesting accident insurance claims, where drugs use is suspected to have been a causative factor in the accident or where an expert opinion on fingerprint evidence is required in order to achieve a successful outcome.





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