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Crime scene reconstruction

Crime scene reconstruction


Crime scene reconstruction and a secondary forensic analysis can be used to confirm or highlight discrepancies of witness accounts or forensic findings. Should any discrepancy(s) be found that support your clients versions of events a crime scene reconstruction could be of vital importance.


Firearms expert

Philip Boyce Forensic

Philip Boyce BSc. MSc

Gun crime case example

Person was charged with attempted murder. After forensic scene examination, test firing and reporting the charge was upheld and committed to trial.


How can our firearms expert assist the defence?

Our firearms experts have years of experience of examining, reviewing and in the reconstruction of crime scenes. In this case our firearms expert examined the scene and the prosecutions findings and based on their analysis of the scene conducted a further range of fire tests with the weapon. Post which he concluded that it was not possible for this weapon to have caused the damage at the scene at the alleged angle and at the alleged range.


Our firearms expert can:


Trial outcome

Evidence was presented in court and the defendant was acquitted.

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