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Department for Transport panel set up to crackdown on drug-driving

03 Feb 2012

A panel of experts, is due to start work this spring, with the task of examining how the offence of drugs-driving can be defined and whether it is possible to set straightforward levels in the same way as for alcohol in view of the creation of a new law.


The pannel will be asked to work out how different drugs, as well as different combinations of drugs and drugs mixed with alcohol, can affect different people. 


It will also have to look at what limits should apply to legally obtained drugs

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Forensic Equity Comments


Criminal defence solicitors and barristers should be aware that at present, drugs driving is only an offence if it can be shown to have impaired the driver’s judgement.


More information on a drugs and driving defence options


Our forensic scientists will review the evidence free of charge and determine whether a case can be mounted


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