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Digital forensics

Digital forensics


Digital forensics is a section of forensic science which involves the recovery, examination and investigation of material found on digital devices. Due to its more recent inception digital forensics falls into the non-traditional category of forensic science. For that reason standards in the field have had far less time to develop and can often fall short of those which would be routinely expected within the traditional fields. 


Our digital forensic experts

Our team of digital forensic experts hold over 100 years’ of combined experience in the provision of digital forensic services and are all leaders in their chosen specialisms. We have provided forensic investigation services in vast numbers of cases involving theft, fraud, robbery, terrorism, bribery, indecent images (IIOC), supply of drugs, assault, indecent assault, rape, firearms, manslaughter, conspiracy to murder and murder.


Digital forensic capabilities

Our expertise span the entire range of digital forensic services; identifying, realising and explaining the value of evidence hidden among digital sources such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, satellite navigation systems and other data storage devices.


Our vast data systems, technical capabilities and significant expertise all work together to deliver reliable, robust and cost-effective solutions. They also provide us with the absolute best opportunity to recover any deleted, hidden or fragmented data. 


Our digital forensic examinations are always meticulous and our reports designed to be easily understood by a layperson, so as to be of maximum benefit to the court.


Our processes and protocols

All of our processes are set to prevent any data from being compromised and we have strict protocols in place so as to ensure full compliance with the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Guidelines for Electronic Evidence as well as other UK and international standards.


Our digital forensic services include: 

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