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Drug valuation

Drug valuation


Drug valuation is key in cases of asset seizure under the proceeds of crime act (POCA). The valuation of the drugs in each case has become a very important and often very punitive part of the sentencing procedure in drugs cases involving the importation, production and or supply of controlled drugs.


Apart from the seizure of any available assets, any assets deemed by the Crown as ‘hidden assets’ resulting from such activities can lead to years being added onto any custodial sentence already imposed. It is therefore crucial in such cases that the amounts of any drugs involved and the value of any alleged profits are carefully assessed and put into context by an independent drug expert witness.


Drug expert witness

Drugs expert witness

Anne Franc CBiol. MSB.

Our forensic scientists have years of experience and unrivalled expertise in the field of controlled drugs and drug valuations. What is often not appreciated by the layman is that different forms of the same drug will command different prices in the UK drugs market and such prices will be dictated by supply and demand for a particular drug or for the form of a particular drug. They may also vary from area to area within the UK and from year to year. 


Drug valuation case example

Person convicted of importing drugs into the UK and selling them on was given a custodial sentence. The Proceds of Crime Act was invoked to seize assets allegedly gained from the illegal drug activity. In addition the Crown also alleged the existence of hidden assets.


The assets of the accused which related to drug dealing were allegedly several million pounds - A figure which was extrapolated from the drugs valuation provided by the Crowns drug exert.


However the amount of drugs,  types of drug and therefore the value of the drugs involved were all disputed by the defence


How can our drug expert witness assist the defence case?

Our independent expert could, by forensically examining the ‘dealers’ own  records,  ascertain that  lower amounts of different types of drugs had been imported and sold. In doing so our expert could provide a more balanced valuation of the drugs in question and thus substantially reduce the value of the assets under threat of seizure.


Our drug expert witness can:

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