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Drug testing and analysis

Drug testing and analysis


On some occasions in criminal drugs cases the original drug testing and analysis by the prosecution scientist is called into question or was not comprehensive enough. These issues can be addressed and the defence aided by instructing an independent forensic scientist to re-examine the drugs and the analytical results in question.


Increasingly, it may also be necessary for our forensic scientists to carry out fresh testing and drug analysis or extend the scope of the origional analysis at ones own independent forensic laboratory.


Drugs expert

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Anne Franc CBiol. MSB.

Drug testing and analysis - use in civil cases

Drug testing and analysis can also be an issue in civil cases, particularly where the custody of children cared for by parent/s who are drug users are concerned. It may be in the interests of child safety to ascertain the identity of suspected drug substances found within the home using our forensic drug testing and analysis services.

Independent forensic analysis at our laboratory facilities

Forensic Equity has access to the most up to date forensic laboratory facilities for drug testing and the analysis of controlled drugs. This facility also has secure storage to ensure the safe deposit of any samples sent to us for analysis. Importantly, we also have the forensic scientists with years of experience in forensic analysis who can properly analyse the samples, interpret the results and provide expert witness reports tailored to your requirements and the issues that you need addressed.
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