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Employing the right forensic expert witness to comment on the scientific and forensic evidence in a criminal case can often be the difference between a successful defence or prosecution.



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Our expert witnesses

The forensic scientists employed by Forensic Equity have built up many years of experience in their chosen forensic fields and have successfully appeared in court for the defence and the prosecution on numerous occasions as expert witnesses.

This experience not only aids them in reporting on the case, but also ensures that when requested to appear as an expert witness they can provide confident, credible answers to the most probing questions posed by the either the prosecution or defence counsel.

About our expert witness directory

Our expert witness directory demonstrates the full range of our forensic expertise and should guide you to the type of expert witness that you require.


For your convenience you can find the forensic expert witness most eminently qualified to report on your client's case, either by evidential type or by forensic specialism.

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Forensic biology


Biology expert witness


Forensic chemistry


Chemistry expert witness

  • Raymond Jenkins BSc. MSc

Digital forensics


Digital expert witness

  • Audio enhancement and transcription
  • CCTV enhancement and imagery analysis
  • Peter Brown
  • Cell site analysis
  • Computer forensics
  • Ryan Stokoe
  • Facial mapping and reconstruction
  • Mark Rigby
  • Mobile phone forensics and networking



Drugs of abuse


Drugs expert witness



  • Cathy Frew BSc. (Hons)



Fingerprint expert witness




Firearms and ballistics


Firearms expert witness


Forensic pathology


Pathology expert witness


  • Dr Simon Poole
  • Dr David Rouse (Retired from the Home Office Register)

  • Dr Nicolas Hunt


Road traffic


Road traffic expert witness




Forensic toxicology


Toxicology expert witness


If your expert witness requirements are of such a specific nature that you are unable to find them in our expert witness directory please contact us and we will use our extensive forensic network to meet your requirements.




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