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Our forensic scientists have the expertise and capability to undertake fingerprinting and process the majority of all evidential items for fingerprints and fingermarks. Furthermore with their years of forensic expertise they will ensure that you receive a first class analysis and a credible and correct interpretation of the results.


Fingerprint expert

Fingerprint expert

David Goodwin

How can our fingerprinting services assist in your defence case?

We have the capability to find fingerprints and fingermarks on the vast majority of items. It may be that we can conduct fingerprinting on an item of evidence and find latent fingerprints which may have previously been missed by the original scientist and which might hold significant evidential value.


All our fingerprinting processes and analysis are carried out in conjunction with the Home Office Scientific Development Branch guidelines and our fingerprint analysis and reporting is conducted by forensic scientists with years of experience.


Our forensic fingerprint expert can:


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