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Fire investigation

Fire investigation

Many fires occur every year at domestic dwellings and commercial premises. The majority of those will have started by accident. However, some may have been started deliberately. Undertaking a fire investigation and discovering the cause of any particular fire is a skilled and painstaking process.

A similar level of expertise is required when investigating explosives and explosive devices, which can take many forms from the sophisticated (e.g. commercially manufactured explosives and explosive devices) to the simple (e.g. home-made explosive mixtures incorporated in homemade devices). Sometimes certain chemicals may come together by chance and trigger and accidental explosion. Only an experienced forensic chemist can evaluate whether a particular chemical mixture could have the potential to cause an explosion.


Fire investigators

Fire investigator

Dr Iain Littley                    


Fire investigators             

Steven Lomas C.Chem MRSC MFScSoc

How can we help in the preparation of a fire investigation report?


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