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Forensic laboratory design and set-up

forensic laboratory design

Our forensic scientists have a broad range of scientific knowledge and expertise, which they can call upon to fulfill consultancy requests related to specific customer projects, such as forensic laboratory design and set-up. In the current climate with budgetary constraints, police forces are looking to make best use of their own resources and reduce their external forensic budgets. One way of doing this is to set up an in-house police forensic laboratory, capable of carrying out some of the casework, which would have previously been done by external private forensic laboratories.


How can we help design and set-up your forensic science laboratory?

Our scientists have considerable experience of planning and setting up forensic laboratories from scratch. Nearly every member of the team has set up a laboratory at some point with laboratory capabilities ranging from firearms testing to complex DNA analysis. Notably our principal scientist Anne Franc was responsible for setting up a forensic drugs laboratory (from initial design to implementation) for one of the largest providers of forensic services to police forces across the UK.


Our forensic scientists can:



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