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Forensic pathology

Forensic pathology


Forensic pathology is a discipline principally concerned with the investigation of deaths, where a person has died in suspicious circumstances (i.e. manslaughter, murder, suicide or accident).The role of the forensic pathologist is to determine, by means of a post mortem examination, the cause of death and the circumstances surrounding the incident, which led to the death.


Forensic pathology services for the defence

In relation to criminal defence it is of utmost importance that the defence solicitor and counsel understand fully the content and implications of the post mortem report, if the alleged victim is deceased; or the implications of the medical report and photographs, if the alleged victim was merely injured.

Non-fatal violent crime

As medical professionals however, pathologists are also best placed to comment on cases where the victim is not deceased but has instead sustained non-fatal injuries, which are suspected to be as a result of a violent crime or abuse.

Home Office registered pathologist

Forensic Equity is very proud to have a number of pathologists on the team, many of whom are Fellows of the Royal College of Pathologists and admitted to the Home Office Register of Forensic Pathologists .

Forensic pathology services:


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