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Forensic scientists know too much about the cases they investigate

25 Jan 2012

Dr Itiel Dror a cognitive psychologist at University College, London, thinks this doctrine of forensic infallibility needs to be questioned.


Dr Dror goes on to state that he has gathered evidence that DNA evidence along with other evidence types and the results which they produce are at least in complex cases open to subjectivity bias.


Dr Dror states that scientists claims that fingerprint examiners’ claims of zero error rates were scientifically implausible.

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Forensic Equity Comment

Although scientific all evidence types are often open too interpretation and in many cases there are subjective judgements made. To ensure that the evidence against your client has been considered fairly and from a different perspective contact our forensic defence experts today.

Our forensic scientists will review the evidence free of charge and determine whether a case can be mounted

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