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Forensic training for the police and government

Forensic training courses for the police


Our forensic training

Forensic Equity offers forensic training for the police, government bodies, laboratory staff and other law enforcement agencies. Our forensic training covers every part of forensic science, from evidence collection to the use of forensic testing equipment to forensic analysis to results interpretation to forensic reporting to giving evidence in court. 


Your needs

We are aware that the closure of providers like the Forensic Science Service and the ‘slimming down’ of others has meant and the loss of the most experienced forensic trainers from those organisations. We have however retained the most experienced scientists within Forensic Equity and have actively hired those whom have become available from the other providers. Therefore if your police force requires forensic training to fulfil an operational need your first port of call should be us. 


We encourage customers to allow us to carry out an initial training audit before making recommendations as to the training required. We can then work with you to deliver a training programme which meets your needs and provides real value to your staff and organisation.


Our forensic scientists

Our scientists have all previously worked in senior positions for major forensic providers past and present and are therefore best placed to deliver the very best forensic training courses.


We have the training experience and the knowhow to provide theoretical and practical courses to suit your requirements, which are suitably rigorous and proficiency tested to meet your evidential needs and UKAS accreditation requirements.


Course materials and certifications

Courses are fully supported by a full suite of training materials and delegates will be provides with both soft and hard copies. All of our courses are also certificated.


Forensic training examples 



Recent training courses provided to government bodies have included:


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