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Getting the forensic evidence re-examined

By Anne Franc


Getting the forensic evidence re-examined just got easier


As providers of independent forensic advice and opinion for a number of years, we at Forensic Equity know that engaging a forensic scientist to re-examine forensic evidence on behalf of the defence is not always easy.


There may be frequent delays in response from both the CPS and the police to the requests for access to case notes and exhibits.


It may take numerous phone calls and emails and a lot of perseverance on your part to get the required authority for your chosen expert to view crucial exhibits at a forensic laboratory, to examine the case notes and to talk to the prosecution scientist who provided the original statement for the Crown.


Meanwhile the clock is ticking towards the court date and courts are not always sympathetic to requests for postponements; even if the delays are not of the defence’s making.


How can we help to ensure that the forensic evidence is re-examined in time?


Forensic Equity is here to help you cut through the red tape and ease the bottlenecks in gaining access to crucial forensic evidential material. We pride ourselves on knowing the system and the scientists and police officers within it.


As forensic scientists we occupy a unique non- adversarial role, where we find that we often don’t encounter the same reticence that police officers or CPS officials may have to cooperating with the defence solicitor in allowing prompt access to those crucial forensic exhibits.


If you can get us the initial contact details of the CPS official and/or police officer dealing with your case then, with your written authority, we can do a lot of the necessary chasing for you, saving you a substantial amount of time and leaving you free to deal with other aspects of the case.


Our commitment to you


We pride ourselves on being very responsive and meeting tight deadlines wherever possible. So having gained access to the forensic exhibits we will do our very best to produce our expert witness report before that all important court date and will keep you updated of our progress at regular intervals.


Use our forensic services and instruct our forensic scientists and we guarantee that you will never have second thoughts about commissioning that all important forensic defence review again.


Request us to re-examine the forensic evidence in your clients case




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