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Gunshot residue

Gunshot residue


Microscopic gunshot residue particles are expelled on the discharge of a firearm and this gunshot residue (GSR) may be deposited on the shooter, on anything close to the weapon, on anyone at the crime scene or perhaps on someone who was not at the crime scene. 


Firearms expert

Firearms expert

Philip Boyce BSc. MSc


Gunshot residue case example 

Following a drive by shooting involving two vehicles, persons from one of the vehicles were charged with possession of firearms with intent to endanger life.  The prosecution's forensic examination concluded that given the gunshot residue found, a firearm could have been discharged from the defendant’s vehicle and the case was committed to trial.


How can our firearms expert assist the defence?

Our firearms experts have worked on numerous gunshot residue cases and are able to report on the significance of findings and whether other activities or contamination may explain the results.  In this case our firearms expert determined that gunshot residue found inside the vehicle may have been transferred from gunshot damage sustained to the outside of the vehicle during the incident.


Our firearms expert can:


Trial outcome

Evidence was presented in court and the defendants were acquitted.


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