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Man held over firearms and cannabis cultivation allegations

04 Nov 2011

A 34-year-old man has been charged with drugs and firearm offences after ammunition and cannabis plants were allegedly found at his home.


Ian Anderson, has been charged by Lancashire Police with possession of ammunition and possession of a prohibited weapon. He has also been charged with cultivation of cannabis, possession of heroin, and possession of indecent images.


It is alleged 14 cannabis plants were discovered in a cupboard in a bedroom at the home. It is also alleged that the search also uncovered two small bags of heroin. 


A 39-year-old woman was also arrested on suspicion a number of offences including possession of indecent images, possession of Class A drugs and possession of a prohibited firearm. She has been bailed pending further inquiries.


Anderson did not enter pleas to the charges and was remanded in custody. He will appear before Preston Crown Court on November 15.

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Forensic Equity comment

“There is always to sides to every story however it often requires a forensic defence expert to fully and clearly convey the significance of any prosecution findings. This is a clear case where Forensic Equity’s forensic scientists could assist Mr Anderson and his defence council in doing so. 


Our UK Firearms, Ballistics, Gun Law and Ammunitions Expert Philip Boyce would be able to give expert witness testimony as to the classification of the weapon found and thus whether the charges under the Section 5 Firearms act are appropriate.  If the firearm is not in working order then it is likely that with the correct defence the charges could not be upheld.


If the defendant had no knowledge that the firearm was at the residence then our Fingerprints expert David Goodwin would be able to assist in providing expert forensic analysis as to whether the defendant had handled the weapon or not.  


In relation to the Drugs charges Forensic Equity is proud to have as part of the team Europe’s leading drugs forensic expert. Anne Franc could provide an expert witness report to include: whether the cannabis cultivation was for personal use or commercial supply, conduct drugs comparisons to assess whether the substance found is actually heroin, and furthermore if so determine its purity and the street value. 


A forensic defence expert’s opinion on all these issues could be of huge value to the defendant, defence solicitor and council, to ensure that Mr Anderson is not convicted for crimes he did not commit.”


For a free no obligation case review to see if the evidence can be challenged contact us today


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