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David Goodwin. MCSFS - Fingerprint Expert

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Fingerprint examiner since: 1979


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1 Areas of expertise

Including: Fingerprint analysis, Fingerprint evidence, Fingerprint identification, Fingerprinting.


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6 Notable cases

David was involved in the chemical treatment of items and the subsequent preparation of evidence in a high profile alleged bribery case; His evidence was influential such that he was required to attend Fanling Magistrates Court, Hong Kong to present his evidence.

David has undertaken numerous pieces of work for the International Criminal Court in the Hague and for the Criminal Cases Review Commission in the UK. His work has involved reviewing a number of appeals concerning fingerprint evidence dating back many years.

David spent 10 days in Nigeria, undertaking forensic analysis of ballot slips for a state election. His role was to determine whether there was evidence of multiple voting and 'election rigging'. David discovered multiple examples of duplicate voting, and was later required to appear as an expert witness, giving evidence to a Tribunal in Asaba, Nigeria.


Download David's profile (PDF)


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David Goodwin. MCSFS - Fingerprint Expert
Forensic expert


+44 (0) 118 9794043




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