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Forensic Equity prides itself on having an unrivalled reputation for employing the best and most experienced forensic scientists in the industry, only appointing those with an impeccable forensic pedigree to assist you with your forensic service requirement.


Forensic services for the defence

We will invariably provide the forensic scientist best placed to report and provide expert witness testimony on the forensic evidence in your clients case; ensuring that the value of that evidence is explained in a clear and credible manner to ensure the best possible outcome.


Our team includes forensic scientists specialising in all of the mainstream forensic disciplines. We also have access to a comprehensive forensic network which enables us to seek out the most specialised forensic scientist or niche forensic expert witness, who can answer very specific forensic questions, when required.


Forensic services for the police and prosecution

Forensic Equity boasts a wealth of forensic expertise in the form of very experienced forensic scientists covering all major forensic disciplines. Their forensic knowledge is second to none and upon request can be placed at the disposal of the police and prosecution.


Should you, the investigating officer or your police force require a second opinion or a reinterpretation of the evidence in any problematic or complex cases, Forensic Equity would be pleased to provide a forensic scientist whom is a leading expert in reviewing the evidence type in question


Forensic training services

Years of experience coupled with current, credible knowledge means that our forensic scientists can provide training courses that are second to none.


Whether you want a one-off bespoke course or a more comprehensive course covering the multi-disciplines and facets of forensic science as it relates to your position, our scientists can assist.


Specialist forensic services

Setting up any kind of forensic service is not a simple task however, with the right advice and training it is possible to set up a facility where staff are trained to the highest standards, processes used gain UKAS accreditation which result in tangible cost savings.





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