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Philip Boyce BSc. MSc - Firearms Expert

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Forensic scientist since: 1984


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1 Areas of expertise

Including: Comparison macroscopy, Crime scene reconstruction, Gunshot residue, Weapons testing.

Including: Tool and manufacturing marks.

2 Summary


3 Experience


4 Committee memberships


5 Notable work


6 Notable cases

Phillip appeared as an expert witness, commenting on the firearms aspects of the case. Subsequent to his expert witness testimony David Bain was acquitted, having spent 13 years in prison for the murders of his parents and siblings. This is one of New Zealand's most complex and controversial murder cases. Read more in the press or watch the ITV programme ‘Bamber – The New Evidence’.

Casework, including high profile shooting incidents and cold case reviews. Notably, Philip reviewed the murder of Lt Col Robert “Riley” Workman in 2004 for Hertfordshire Police and provided expert witness testimony in the trial that finally convicted his killer in October 2012. Read more on the CPS website.

Provided expert forensic opinion for the Metropolitan Police in cases related to operation Trident.

Appeared as a firearms and ballistics expert for the Independent Commission for Police Complaints (ICPC) in a number of ‘controversial’ terrorist cases.

Conducted numerous investigations on their behalf including an investigation in Qatar.

Examination of cases and cold case reviews.  Awarded a commendation in 2009 for his work .

Examination of the Firearms aspects for the Tribunal


7 Recommendations

"Philip Boyce had a wonderfully down to earth and common sense approach that cut through the scientific jargon and theories of his opposite number. It meant that a case which looked unwinnable, based on the Crown papers was, in the end, a victory! Many thanks!"
"Philip was calm and knowledgeable. He gave his evidence confidently and clearly and was not unsettled by probing cross examination. He gave his evidence in a manner which the jury were able to follow and was generally an impressive witness.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Boyce as an expert in the areas of firearms and explosives."

Download Philip's profile (PDF)



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Philip Boyce BSc. MSc - Firearms Expert
Forensic scientist


+44 (0)118 9794043




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