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Forensic services to aid the prosecution

Over the past few years there have been substantial and adverse changes to the forensic provision offered to the police and CPS. Cost driven services, the closing of the FSS, the re-allocation of services amongst other providers and continual changes in their staffing levels has all meant that a large number of very experienced scientists and the knowledge they possess has been lost to the crown. There is a possibility that the loss of that expertise might adversely affect the outcome of some cases and in particular those which include more serious offenses.


Forensic services and forensic scientists to aid the prosecution


Forensic Equity boasts a wealth of forensic expertise in the form of very experienced forensic scientists covering all major forensic disciplines


Their forensic knowledge is second to none and upon request can be placed at the disposal of the prosecution.


Should you, the investigating officer or your police force require a second opinion or a reinterpretation of the evidence in any problematic or complex cases, Forensic Equity would be pleased to provide a forensic scientist whom is a leading expert in reviewing the evidence type in question


Should you require our services please contact us for a free no obligation estimate of costs, suitable for purchasing order approval


Prosecution aid services

Prosecution Aid


Training Services




  • Biology


  • Fingerprints


Specialist Services

  • Firearms and ballistics               



  • Pathology

  • Road traffic







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