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Quantitative road traffic accident scene analysis

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In order to fully establish a defence our experts can employ a number of complex forensic techniques. Computer generated scale plans of accident scenes and crime scenes. Scale representations of vehicles can be shown in relation to physical and witness evidence in order to show the position of vehicles at impact and ultimately a visual reconstruction of the accident.


Standard and digital technology can also be utilised to illustrate road markings, geometry, topography, signing, lines of sight, limits of visibility, positions of witnesses, pre and post impact movement of vehicles / pedestrians, vehicle damage and defects.
Our road traffic experts can also conduct forensic tachograph analysis to adduce in each situation involving an HGV what did happen, what did not happen and what could have happened.
In addition we have extensive knowledge of speed detection devices and can credibly test the accuracy of the speed checks, procedures and circumstances under which they were conducted.

Road traffic accident investigator

road traffic accident expert

Robert Elliott AEFP. MITAI. MIDiagE. LCGI. MFSSoc


Quantitative road traffic accident scene analysis - case example

A driver faced an allegation of excess speed (and potentially losing his driving licence) by use of an in-car police VASCAR speed detection device.

How can our road traffic accident expert help?

By attending the alleged route, taking accurate measurements and using performance data for the defendant’s vehicle our road traffic expert was able to show that it was impossible for the vehicle to have attained the alleged speeds in the stated distances.

Our forensic scientist can:


Trial outcome

The CPS agreed with our experts findings and ultimately dropped the case.


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