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Road traffic accident analysis

Road traffic accident
The nature and extent of road traffic incidents are wide and varied with some involving vehicles colliding with other vehicles, pedestrians or roadside objects, whilst others may instead be a question of driver behaviour or vehicle speed.
Road traffic accidents can be the culmination of a number of different events involving a combination of factors either causatory or contributory.

Our road traffic analysis services

Forensic Equity’s road traffic experts can look at the available evidence as a whole, and dependent on the requirements of the case, our reports and reconstructions can address factors including: 


Forensic Equity’s road traffic experts are highly skilled and experienced in preparing reports on all types of criminal and civil cases involving the use of motor vehicles.  These include Road Traffic Act offences with or without accidents or collisions, offences against the person involving the use of motor vehicles, and civil cases involving personal injury claims and insurance fraud

The new road traffic offence of causing death by careless driving

Following the introduction of the new road traffic offence of causing death by careless driving, motorists are increasingly finding themselves facing up to 5 years’ imprisonment in cases involving fatalities. In such cases it is extremely important that drivers and those acting for them obtain advice and a second opinion. 
Even in cases where a driver has been found guilty of careless driving or is willing to plead guilty, a report bringing together the mitigating factors and thereby enabling the court to evaluate the degree of carelessness may be essential when it comes to sentencing. It could mean the difference between a custodial and non-custodial sentence.

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