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Vehicle examination

Vehicle examination


Our road traffic accident expert can conduct a vehicle examination on the vehicles involved in the accident in order to assess their component parts for any defects or failures. This vehicle examination can assist in discovering why a particular accident occurred. Our scientists have the expertise to examine any type and size of vehicle including LGVs, cars, motorcycles, heavy plant machinery and pedal cycles.


Our experts are also trained to an advanced level and experienced in all aspects concerning the construction of tyres and the analysis of tyre failures and tyre / wheel damage. In addition our road traffic accident experts are also highly experienced in light bulb examinations and can use high magnification microscopy to determine whether automotive light bulbs were illuminated at the time of an impact.

Road traffic accident expert

vehicle examination expert

Robert Elliott AEFP. MITAI. MIDiagE. LCGI. MFSSoc


Vehicle examination case example

A driver faced an allegation of dangerous driving after a collision with another vehicle which he alleged swerved into his path.
How did our road traffic accident expert help?
Our expert examined the other vehicle involved and its components for any defects or failures that might have accounted for that vehicle to have swerved out of control. He found a defective part that could have contributed to the accident.

Our forensic scientists can:


Trial outcome

The charges against the defendant were dropped.


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