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Forensic services

Forensic Equity is a leading forensic services provider. Our internationally recognised forensic scientists provide superior principal forensic services. Our range of discerning clients include: legal representatives for the defence and prosecution, the police, government agencies and private individuals.


All of our key forensic scientists are highly experienced in major crime scene investigation, complex case analysis and re-examination of forensic evidence.


Our absolute commitment to quality and leading expertise combine to ensure that all our services match the needs of each individual client.


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Defence Experts



Prosecution Aid


  • Biology

  • Fingerprints

  • Firearms and ballistics

  • Pathology

  • Road traffic



Training Services






Specialist Services







  • Audio enhancement and transcription
  • CCTV enhancement and imagery analysis
  • Cell site analysis
  • Computer forensics
  • Facial mapping and reconstruction
  • Mobile phone forensics and networking
























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