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Forensic Equity offers the defence, the prosecution, and government agencies access to the highest quality forensic science services and training.


Our Forensic Scientists

Our forensic scientists are recognised as the best and most experienced in the UK. They are unique in that their forensic expertise is right up to date, having all recently worked for major UKAS accredited forensic providers, as leaders in their specialism's. All have provided forensic expertise to a range of government agencies and numerous UK police forces and many have received police commendations for their work. Many of our forensic scientists also enjoy international recognition for their work.


They have all worked for both defence and prosecution and are well versed in all aspects of the criminal justice system, with innumerable hours of experience between them. Therefore, our clients can be 'safe in the knowledge' that they are accessing an unrivalled source of forensic expertise.


A Different Perspective

Our scientists are committed to looking at the forensic evidence in every case from all possible angles, to give a better understanding of the significance of that evidence and to provide clear and understandable answers to your questions. We can also advise on other forensic avenues, which, if explored, could assist with your case.




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