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Dr. David Rouse



Area of Expertise


Forensic Pathology (including paediatrics) >


Second Independent


Post- Mortems


Suspicious Deaths


Violent and Sexual Crime including the 

causation of injuries.


With over 30 years’ experience Dr David Rouse is an eminent forensic pathologist and leading authority in cases of homicide and suspicious deaths and in cases involving lesser charges such as those which require the causation of injuries to be determined.


Dr Rouse was a fully accredited Home Office Pathologist for 21 years, practicing from 1988. In 2009 David retired from the Register but maintains his position as a senior forensic pathologist, offering opinions to both the Crown and to the Defence.

Listed on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council, Dr Rouse’s 30 years of service have given him an unrivalled level of expertise in forensic pathology and forensic medicine.


David has given expert witness testimony across courts including Juvenile, Magistrates, Crown Courts, High Courts, Courts of Appeal and Military Court Martials.


  • Leading, respected and renowned forensic pathologist and consultant in forensic medicine.

  • Recognised authority in all criminal cases involving homicide, suspicious deaths, violent crime and injuries to individuals.

  • Leading expert in a whole range of trauma with extensive experience of trauma to children.

  • Respected authority in cases concerning immigration appeals having examined numerous alleged victims of torture.

  • Specialist in examining cases concerning fatal road traffic accidents.

  • Previously a Metropolitan Police Forensic Medical Examiner for approximately five years, during which time David was on the rota for the Shooters Hill Rape Suite.

  • Highly adept and a leading expert in determining the causation of injuries to the person including those associated with sexual offences.

  • Vastly experienced in undertaking second independent post mortems having undertaken in excess of 1,000 autopsies per annum during a career currently spanning more than 30 years.

Committee Memberships

  • Dr Rouse holds the basic medical qualifications of Master of Arts, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and the higher qualifications of Membership and Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists (specialising in Forensic Pathology) and the Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence (specialising in Forensic Pathology).

  • Dr Rouse maintains memberships to numerous learned societies including:

  • The Royal Society of Medicine

  • The British Academy of Forensic Sciences.

  • Consulting Editor in Medicine for the Science and Law Journal.

  • The Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine

  • British Association of Forensic Medicine

Notable Work

  • David has published various papers relating to Forensic Pathology and is also a consulting editor for the Medicine, Science and Law Journals.

  • David lectures on various aspects of forensic medicine at Queen Mary’s College and Westfield College, University of London. His topics include general forensic pathology as well as educating in the specific topics of drowning, ballistics and asphyxia deaths.


“Thank you again for your help with this case. The report was incredibly useful. S was found not guilty of attempted murder but guilty of the three section 18 assaults.”

Linskills Solicitors

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