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Seminars for Criminal Solicitors and Barristers

Why invite us to conduct a seminar for you?

In order for you to achieve the very best outcomes for your clients we at Forensic Equity see it as essential that solicitors and barristers should have an informed overview of all of the different types of forensic evidence and more critically understand broadly how it could adversely impact your clients right to a fair trial if it is not correctly interpreted or has been gathered incorrectly.


We will also cover current prosecution evidential issues and provide you with the knowledge to identify when instructing a defence expert could reduce your client’s sentence or even enable a complete acquittal.


Helping you in getting the evidence re-examined

The criminal justice system as it pertains to getting forensic evidence re-examined can also be rabbit warren for those not navigating it on a daily basis. In our seminars we will educate you on how best to get evidence re-examined by a defence expert and importantly the quickest and most efficient methods of doing so, so as to ensure that it is completed before that pending court date.


Our seminars are CPD accredited

Share in our knowledge - Our trainers and speakers

Forensic Equity’s scientists are some of the most experienced in the UK. With all of our scientists having worked for both the defence and the prosecution they have seen the evidence and the ways in which it can be analysed and interpreted from both sides of the table. This unique insight is rare and it is this knowledge which we are more than happy to share with you. 



We also appreciate that you are all very busy people and therefore Forensic Equity can provide a range of forensic seminars at times to suit you and your staff e.g. breakfast, lunchtime or after hours.


We normally deliver presentations during a 60 minute session with 30 minutes for a questions throughout. This can however be shortened or lengthened should you so require or desire.


The speaker’s notes and slides will also be made available to the firm or chambers after the event in either soft or hard copy as requested.



We offer a majority of our seminars to solicitors and barristers free of charge, so please do contact us to discuss your requirements.


Examples of topics covered:

  • Types of forensic evidence and how it may adversely impact your clients.

  • Recent trends in suspect evidence and potential prosecution errors.

  • Identifying when and how to instruct a forensic defence expert. 

  • The do’s and don’ts of gaining access to evidential material for defence examination.

  • An overview of forensic services available to solicitors and barristers.


Examples of evidence types covered:

  • Drugs on money and the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA)

  • Drug valuation and POCA

  • Commercial cannabis cultivation

  • DNA detection, persistence and contamination issues

  • Firearms and the Law

  • Suspect explosive devices

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