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Fingerprint analysis and the comparison of fingerprints or palm prints, whether whole or partial from an item or surface at a crime scene with those taken from a suspect, remains a key element of forensic work in criminal cases and can often form the basis of substantive evidence for the prosecution.  



Fingerprints can be left on almost any physical objects or surfaces and, in the right conditions, and can remain there for several years. Fingerprints are still the only unique means of human identification with no two fingerprints having ever been found to be the same. Even identical twins who share similar DNA genetics will have different fingerprints. 


When analysing fingerprints each contains patterns that allow them to be classified and distinguished from one and other.

Fingerprint analysis - matching mistakes

Fingerprints analysis is however fraught with difficulties and matching mistakes or ‘over-interpretation’ are more common than one would probably imagine. 


Forensic Equity routinely compares and reviews the work of others, and takes the case as a whole. As well analysing the physical match of the print if required, we will also assess the position of the fingerprint and its orientation, so as to determine the potential mechanisms of placement and the activity of the donor.


Forensic Equity boasts a highly experienced team of forensic scientists working on fingerprint identification and interpretation, comparison and enhancement.

Fingerprint Evidence 

Fingerprint evidence and the analysis and comparison of such fingerprint evidence can be crucial in most criminal investigations. It is often the defining factor in identifying a person's presence at a crime scene, or in proving they had contact with the weapon involved. Unlike some forensic evidence, however, the identification of fingerprints is based on human judgment and as such is not without its potential pitfalls. Therefore, it is important that in any case involving fingerprint evidence, a second opinion and analysis is sought from an independent fingerprint expert.

How can we help the defence with an independent fingerprints analysis?

Our fingerprint experts have a wealth of experience in fingerprint analysis and can carry out an independent assessment of any fingerprint evidence, to ensure that it is fair, unbiased and accurate.


Our fingerprint expert can:

  • Perform an independent comparison of the identified case.

  • Carry out our own fingerprint analysis, identification and interpretation.

  • Prepare and submit a written report of findings.

  • If required, attend court to offer our evidence and advise the defence on all related fingerprint matters.

Fingerprinting Identificaiton 

The number of asylum seekers has grown significantly in recent years and as part of routine procedure each individual will have their fingerprints taken. However disputes and questions can often be raised over an asylum seekers identity. With our forensic science service facilities and leading fingerprint identification services our fingerprint experts can examine the fingerprints in question and assist with the verification of the person’s identity in order to help resolve immigration issues and disputes.

Fingerprint identification for immigration disputes

How can we help with fingerprint identification? 

Forensic Equity’s fingerprint experts are some of the world’s leading forensic scientists. With their wealth of international experience our fingerprint experts can assist in the verification of a person’s true identity with the use of advanced fingerprint identification techniques.


Our fingerprints experts can:

  • Perform impartial comparison and fingerprint analysis of the two sets of fingerprints in dispute.

  • Provide and submit an independent written report of our findings.

  • If required, attend court to offer our evidence and advise the defence counsel.

Fingerprint Evidence
Fingerprinting Identification


Our forensic scientists have the expertise and capability to undertake fingerprinting and process the majority of all evidential items for fingerprints and fingermarks. Furthermore with their years of forensic expertise they will ensure that you receive a first class analysis and a credible and correct interpretation of the results.

How can our fingerprinting services assist in your defence case?

We have the capability to find fingerprints and fingermarks on the vast majority of items. It may be that we can conduct fingerprinting on an item of evidence and find latent fingerprints which may have previously been missed by the original scientist and which might hold significant evidential value.


All our fingerprinting processes and analysis are carried out in conjunction with the Home Office Scientific Development Branch guidelines and our fingerprint analysis and reporting is conducted by forensic scientists with years of experience.


Our forensic fingerprint expert can:

  • Find latent fingerprints on paper and other porous surfaces which may not have been previously found or analysed and which might hold significant evidential value.

  • Find and analyse latent fingerprints on non-porous surfaces.

  • Analyse, photograph and produce a report of our findings.

  • If required, attend court to offer our evidence and advise the counsel.

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