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Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology


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Members of the Department


Dr Seshagiri Rao Nimmagadda >

Dr Ronald Lyle

Psychiatric and Psychological Assessments

Our forensic psychiatrists and psychologists will use the appropriate tools to assess an individual on a general basis. Often the results of this lead into discussions regarding fitness to plead and how sentencing may affect a particular individual. 

We are able to assess for a multitude of issues such as PTSD, trauma and learning difficulties.

Dependent on the request, we will advise as to which specialist would be best suited to a case.

Psych assessments

Fitness to Plead

Often it is necessary to assess an individual to determine whether they are fit to plead, and to review whether an intermediary would be necessary during Court Proceedings to ensure the individual fully understands all aspects of their trial.

Our team would provide a report detailing the necessary guidance required.


Risk of Harm

It is occasionally necessary to assess an individual to determine whether there is a risk of harm to either themselves or to others and what steps that need to be taken to prevent such.

Risk of Harm

Phobia Assessment

It is often the case that phobias may have caused an individual to act in a certain way. We are able to assess an individual to determine if they are likely to be suffering from the phobia. For example a fear of needles which has prevented a defendant from providing the police with a blood specimen etc.


Specialist Assessments

Our psychologists are trained to carry out assessments of neurological disorders such as autism and Asperger's syndrome together with learning difficulties.

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