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Dr Neil Simpson

BSc (Hons) D. Phil.



Areas of Expertise


Forensic biology >


Blood pattern analysis


Body fluid analysis


Clothing damage analysis


DNA profiling

Forensic hair analysis

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Dr Neil Simpson is a Forensic Biologist with over 20 years of experience, specialising in the analysis of body fluids, interpretation of DNA profiles (including complex mixtures and the use of STRmix), blood pattern analysis (including crime scenes), clothing damage and hair comparisons.


Dr Simpson has reported all of these evidence types, many times, in reports for court purposes and has regularly attended court and case conference meetings to present scientific evidence.


Dr Simpson has reported a variety of case types including murders, rapes and serious assaults and has received recognition for his work in complex cases.


  • Dr Simpson commenced work as a forensic scientist in 1998, training and working at the Forensic Science Service, London, before moving to Forensic Alliance in 2001, then to LGC in 2003 and to Key Forensic Services in 2006.

  • Dr Simpson has been involved in many cases on behalf of the prosecution and the defence, including serious crime and cold case reviews, where he has applied modern scientific techniques to unsolved cases leading to successful investigative advances.

  • Highly experienced in examining cases involving cross-discipline evidence; with expertise in drugs and toxicology as well as forensic biology.

  • Leading forensic expert in all aspects of forensic biology including DNA, blood pattern analysis and body fluids (blood, semen saliva, urine and faeces).

  • Leading authority on transfer evidence relating to offences against the person and property.

  • Recognised as a leading forensic expert in blood pattern analysis and interpretation including trace evidence found on weapons and clothing.

  • Leading forensic scientist in DNA analysis, profiling and interpretation including low template DNA analysis.

  • Vastly experienced in body fluids analysis.

  • Highly experienced examiner of clothing damage including conventional grouping and damage assessment caused by weapons.

  • Leading forensic expert in hair and fibres evidence, having been site lead for the examination of trace evidence during his time at the Forensic Science Service.

  • Qualified and highly experienced scenes of crime examiner and forensic investigator. 

  • Holds significant expertise in scene examination strategies and evidence recovery procedures including DNA recovery, continuity and contamination issues.

  • Highly experienced in the investigation and reporting of complex cases.

  • File reviewer and critical findings checker in all of the above evidence types.

  • Experienced and qualified trainer in all aspects of forensic biology, having trained other forensic scientists in all aspects of forensic biology, giving lectures and presentations and has mentored several trainee forensic scientists and MSc students. He has also presented training seminars to police officers.

  • During Dr Simpson’s time at Forensic Alliance he led a team of reporting officers specialising in the high throughput of ‘speculative DNA’ cases and was the principal contact between Forensic Alliance, Risley and the DNA profiling unit at Orchid / Cellmark, Culham.

  • Dr Simpson has also been involved in the set-up of forensic laboratories, writing standard operation procedures, and the management of teams of forensic scientists.

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