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Hodge BSc. BTh. DipPS.



Areas of expertise


Forensic biology >

Blood pattern analysis

Body fluid analysis

DNA profiling

Nigel Hodge Forensic Scientist


With 17 years’ in forensic science, Nigel Hodge is a highly accomplished forensic scientist and forensic biologist. Before joining Forensic Equity in 2013, Nigel worked for the Forensic Science Service (FSS) as a Senior Forensic Biologist.


Having investigated and examined more than two thousand cases to date, including more than three hundred cases of murder or suspicious death Nigel is a respected and very highly experienced forensic scientist.


Nigel’s primary areas of expertise include bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA), DNA profile evidence and body fluid analysis.


  • Highly experienced forensic biologist with over 17 years’ in forensic science.

  • Vastly experienced senior court reporting scientist having reported on cases including charges of assault, burglary, robbery, sexual assault, rape, suspicious death, manslaughter and murder.

  • Leading expert witness having given evidence in court for both prosecution and defence on countless occasions.

  • Leading authority on bloodstain pattern analysis, including the interpretation of blood stain patterns.

  • Leading expert in DNA profile evidence, including low template DNA analysis and paternity assessment.

  • Leading authority on transfer evidence and body fluid analysis relating to offences against the person including in complex cases such as murder or suspicious death.

  • Highly experienced scenes of crime examiner and forensic investigator having assisted the police at numerous serious crime scenes. 

  • Highly experienced in the determination of scene examination strategies and evidence recovery procedures including DNA recovery, continuity and contamination issues.  

  • Leading cold case file reviewer and critical findings checker.

  • Experienced and qualified forensic awareness trainer having developed and delivered a wide range of forensic science training courses for participants including scientists, solicitors, barristers, magistrates, police officers, scenes of crimes officers, crime scene managers and medical personnel.

  • Senior lecturer in Forensic Biology at the University of South Wales (University of Glamorgan).

Committee Memberships

  • Member of the document review group for the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts.

  • Member of the Forensic Science Society and member of the Council from 2010 – 2012.

  • Member of the Society of Biology.

  • Member of the Academy of Experts.

Notable Work

  • Developed and delivered a training course for South Wales Police probationer officers.

  • Assisted in the development of a liaison project involving the Forensic Science Service (FSS) and South Wales Police.  

  • A regular contributor to BBC radio, including having undertaken his own series on crime scene investigation.

  • Nigel is fully media trained and has given numerous interviews for television, newspapers and magazines regarding forensic, evidential and criminal matters.

Notable Cases

  • R v Thadaparambath

A rape case in which the prosecution relied upon partial, non-statistical, DNA evidence.  The jury had been misdirected with regard to the evidential value of the DNA evidence resulting in a retrial. In voir dire Mr Hodge assisted the defence team in getting aspects of the DNA evidence declared inadmissible.

  • R v Richards

An alleged possession of firearm which relied on a DNA link with the defendant.  Nigel was able to explain in court that the defendant’s account of events could have explained the presence of DNA matching him on the firearm.

  • R v Ibitoye

A rape case where Mr Hodge showed that the alleged sperm cell that the prosecution were relying on as evidence was not in fact a sperm cell.  

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