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Steven Lomas

C.Chem. MRSC. MFSSoc.


Area of Expertise


Forensic chemistry >


Fire investigation


Shoe prints and footwear mark comparison


Tool and manufacturing marks


Trace evidence



Steven is a forensic chemist with over 32 years’ experience having worked in both the Forensic Science Service (FSS) and in private practice. Steven is highly experienced in all aspects of forensic chemistry including fire investigation, tool and footwear marks, trace evidence, flammable liquid analysis and alcohol technical defence calculations.


Steven is also quite unique in that he has a vast experience in cross-discipline cases; such as those which as well as trace evidence involve aspects of blood pattern analysis.


  • Leading forensic scientist with over 32 years’ experience.

  • Senior court reporting scientist having appeared as an expert witness for over 27 years; providing and presenting robust forensic evidence in courts (Magistrates, Crown and Coroners) across the UK.

  • Uniquely experienced in cross-discipline forensics, with expertise in the combination of traditional chemistry skills and body fluid work; namely blood pattern analysis. 

  • Extensive experience and expertise in the examination and interpretation of trace evidence (glass, paint and other materials).

  • Highly accomplished and a respected authority in the examination and comparison of marks, including footwear and tool marks.

  • Exceptionally experienced forensic fire investigator, having investigated and reported on numerous fires and explosions in vehicles and in domestic and commercial property.

  • Qualified and highly experienced crime scene examiner and forensic investigator.

  • Leading forensic expert in a number of other evidence types including examining fire debris for the presence of ignitable liquids.

  • Recognised forensic authority in alcohol technical defence cases including undertaking calculations of the breath or blood alcohol concentrations of persons suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol (back calculations, laced drinks, statutory defence and hip flask defence).

  • Highly adept in examining and reporting on criminal cases involving the failure to provide due to lung/respiratory impairment.

  • Highly respected and vastly experienced file reviewer and critical findings checker in all cases involving forensic chemistry.

  • Highly skilled forensic defence expert having been involved in numerous high profile and serious crime cases: Regularly provides expert advice regarding possible defence methods to criminal solicitors and barristers at the inception of a case.

  • Forensic expert in the examination of counterfeit coins.

  • Experienced and qualified forensic trainer.

Committee Memberships

  • Chartered Chemist and a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

  • Member of the Forensic Science Society.

  • Member of the FSS Site lead group for trace evidence (glass paint and other materials).

  • Registered forensic practitioner and a specialist assessor for fires and explosions, marks and particulates for the Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners (CRFP) prior to the register being closed in 2009.

Notable Work

  • Awarded the High Sheriff’s Award for Excellence in Forensic Science in 2007 for his part in the investigation into Operation Ancona. Through meticulous forensic work, Steven and his team were able to find evidence to link the defendant to the murder. The forensic evidence was such that it was not challenged in Court and the defendant was sentenced to life imprisonment despite no body ever having been found.

Notable Cases

  • Murder of Fred Moss

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