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With over 40 years’ experience in the field of fingerprint identification David Goodwin is an internationally recognised fingerprint expert and leading crime scene examiner.


David started his career with the Metropolitan Police force at New Scotland Yard before taking up his position as Head of Fingerprint Services for Northamptonshire Police. David managed the Fingerprint Bureau and associated chemical development laboratory for 19 years and whilst employed by both Northamptonshire and Metropolitan Police was registered with the Home Office as a Fingerprint Expert (registration number 568). During his tenure, David managed three separate installations and implementations of AFIS and Livescan systems.


For the past 9 years David has been Forensic Equity’s senior fingerprint expert, undertaking and delivering a range of casework, scientific projects and training.


  • Leading fingerprint expert with over 40 years’ experience in the field of identification of persons by their ridge detail.

  • Internationally recognised and respected expert in all aspects of fingerprints, fingerprint analysis and related evidence.

  • Highly skilled and qualified in the use of fingerprint development techniques.

  • Senior court reporting expert having prepared and presented fingerprint evidence in courts of all types as an expert witness. 

  • Qualified and highly experienced scenes of crime examiner and forensic investigator.

  • Vastly experienced and highly skilled major crime scene manager. 

  • Has attended numerous crime scenes ranging from theft of motor vehicle to numerous scenes of a more serious nature including murder, in order to retrieve latent fingerprints and evidence of forensic interest.

  • A highly respected authority in the provision of an independent view on fingerprint evidence.

  • Has reviewed a number of appeals against fingerprint evidence dating back many years, both for the International Criminal Court (The Hague) and for the Criminal Cases Review Commission in the UK.

  • Experienced in attending mortuaries to fingerprint cadavers.

  • FERRT (Forensic Evidence Recovery and Retrieval Techniques) trained.

  • Experienced and qualified trainer in all aspects of fingerprints and related science.

  • Undertook the redesign and refurbishment of the Northamptonshire Fingerprint Development Laboratory.

  • Project managed major computer installations such as NAFIS (now IDENT1) and Livescan for the Northamptonshire Police.

Committee Memberships

  • Registered with the National Policing Improvement Agency (N.P.I.A) as an expert advisor.

  • Whilst employed by Northamptonshire and the Metropolitan Police, David was registered with the Home Office as a Fingerprint Expert (registration number 568).

Notable Work

  • Awarded two Chief Constables Commendations (1993 & 1997) and one Assistant Chief Constables Commendation (1996) for his work within scientific support. 

  • Represented Northamptonshire Police at local, regional and national working groups, presenting on the subject of fingerprints and fingerprint technologies.

  • Ad Hoc’ Advisor to The Fingerprint Inquiry, Scotland.

  • Trained the South African Police Service in Johannesburg on the ‘Development of fingerprints using chemicals’.

  • Contracted to review the training needs of the Jamaica Constabulary Fingerprint Department and further undertake a series of training courses as a result. These included Foundation level refresher training, Intermediate level ‘ACE-V’ and ‘Ridgeology’ training, an ‘Introduction to Fingerprint Development using Chemicals’ and Evidence preparation and presentation.

Notable Cases

  • Alleged bribery case

David was involved in the chemical treatment of items and the subsequent preparation of evidence in a high profile alleged bribery case; His evidence was influential such that he was required to attend Fanling Magistrates Court, Hong Kong to present his evidence.

  • International Criminal Court (The Hague) and Criminal Cases Review Commission (UK)

David has undertaken numerous pieces of work for the International Criminal Court in the Hague and for the Criminal Cases Review Commission in the UK. His work has involved reviewing a number of appeals concerning fingerprint evidence dating back many years.

  • International Electoral Services

David spent 10 days in Nigeria, undertaking forensic analysis of ballot slips for a state election. His role was to determine whether there was evidence of multiple voting and ‘election rigging’. David discovered multiple examples of duplicate voting, and was later required to appear as an expert witness, giving evidence to a Tribunal in Asaba, Nigeria.

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