Forensic Equity boasts a wealth of forensic expertise in the form of very experienced forensic scientists covering all major forensic disciplines
Their forensic knowledge is second to none and upon request can be placed at the disposal of the prosecution.
Should you, the investigating officer or your police force require a second opinion or a reinterpretation of the evidence in any problematic or complex cases, Forensic Equity would be pleased to provide a forensic scientist whom is a leading expert in reviewing the evidence type in question
Should you require our services please contact us for a free no obligation estimate of costs, suitable for purchasing order approval

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“I wanted to thank you and your team for the amazing efforts, work and speed with which you attended to the various queries that arose during the trial. After only 4 hours, the jury unanimously acquitted ‘M’ and convicted the co-defendant.

I personally am very grateful, especially as it made my task of dealing with certain issues easier and more professional.”

Barrister, Furnival Chambers


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