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Forensic Equity provides expert opinion in the form of expert witness statements and forensic reports, in a range of criminal and civil cases. All of our forensic services are suitable for legal aid applicants.


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Prosecution Aid

Our forensic scientists provide quality advice to the police and other government agencies, and can assist with case strategy, case reviews, complex case analysis and scene interpretation.

Training Services

Our forensic training programmes are delivered by leading forensic experts, who enjoy international recognition for their work and can provide you with current, credible knowledge and practical skills.

Forensic Services

Forensic Equity is one of the leading forensic science service providers in the UK, offering comprehensive and independent forensic services of the highest quality to a wide range of clients, including defence solicitors and barristers, law enforcement agencies, the police and other government bodies. Our key aim is to make current, impartial, forensic expertise of the highest calibre accessible to all.


These forensic services are provided by some of the leading forensic scientists in Europe, who bring their many years of forensic training, experience and knowledge together to offer the most current and credible forensic services available.


As leaders in their particular field, our forensic scientists enjoy international recognition for their work. All have provided forensic science consultancy and advice to government agencies, solicitors and private companies and are well versed in all aspects of the criminal and civil justice system.


With this high level of experience and specialist skill-set to call on, our clients can be 'safe in the knowledge' that they are tapping into an unrivalled source of forensic expertise. We can provide qualified forensic scientists who are ready to conduct forensic analysis and gather forensic evidence for defence solicitors and barristers as well as in aiding the prosecution.


All appointed forensic scientists are specialists in their field and are highly competent in the interpretation of scientific matters, ensuring that the value of forensic evidence is explained in a clear and credible manner for the benefit of the courts.


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Specialist Services

With unrivalled knowledge and expertise, our services are increasingly requested by clients engaged in bespoke projects such as laboratory start-ups and the development of in-house services.

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