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Accident investigation

Accident investigation


Accident investigation can be extremely complex and require substantive expertise. Our accident investigation expert can examine and provide expert witness reports on a number of evidence types including physical evidence, witness evidence, the vehicles involved, road layout and geometry, weather conditions, vehicle dynamics and driver behaviour.


Furthermore we can also carry out accident reconstruction involving tyre, grind and slide marks, pedestrian throw distance, speed and movement of pedestrians, coefficient of friction, driver reaction times, mass of vehicles, vehicle performance and vehicle test data. The position of vehicles at impact can all be modelled mathematically in combination with the fundamental laws of motion in order to determine speeds and a reconstruction of events.


Accident reconstruction expert

Accident reconstruction expert

Robert Elliott AEFP. MITAI. MIDiagE. LCGI. MFSSoc

Accident investigation case example

A driver was involved in a fatal collision where his vehicle collided with another car exiting a minor junction. He stood accused of causing death by dangerous driving with the accident having resulted in the death of the three young occupants of the other vehicle.


How can our accident reconstruction expert help?

Our expert was able to show that, in terms of the time available, vehicle speeds, the available visibility and driver reaction times, the defendant had no chance in avoiding the collision, and that the cause of the incident was actually the actions of the other driver pulling out of the junction. 


Our accident reconstruction expert can:


Trial outcome

At the Crown Court the Crown’s expert agreed with our expert’s findings and the judge halted the trial after the prosecution had presented its evidence and the Crown’s expert had been cross-examined.


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