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Comparison macroscopy

Comparison macroscopy


Comparison Macroscopy is used to compare test-fired material (bullets and cartridge cases) against that recovered from the scene or injured party.  Exhaustive tests can confirm or exclude an item from having been discharged in a particular firearm. It is used extensively in the field of firearms identification. Modern Comparison Macroscopes are highly engineered instruments, capable of high-resolution digital capture. 


Ballistics expert

Firearms expert

Philip Boyce BSc. MSc

Forensic ballistics case example 

Following a shooting a person found in possession of a rifle some ten years later was charged with murder. After forensic examination it was concluded that the fatal bullet was most likely discharged from that rifle. 


How can our ballistics experts help?

Our forensic ballistics experts are highly trained and experienced in Comparison Macroscopy, with years of experience they are able to utilise the latest 3D technology to aid findings and conclusions. In this case after our forensic expert examined and test fired the rifle, his comparison indicated that it was not the weapon used in the murder. 


Our ballistics expert can:


Trial outcome

The charge against the defendant was withdrawn. 

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