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Serious crime involving drugs or poisons

Serious crime involving drugs or poisons

The consumption either knowingly or inadvertently of drugs or poisons, their distribution around the body and the effects of their consumption on a particular individual is a very complex subject , requiring expert interpretation. Because of the complex nature of the problem, experts may not agree about what the analytical findings actually mean in any particular case.


Forensic toxicologists

Forensic Toxicologist

Anne Franc CBiol. MSB.


Forensic Toxicologist   


Stanley Porter BSc.              

Serious crime investigation involving drugs or poisons - Case example

A potentially terminally ill patient, being cared for at home, is receiving regular doses of morphine for chronic pain relief. The patient passes away, but it is suggested that their carer administered a morphine overdose to assist their death. Body fluid samples are taken from the deceased and sent to the laboratory for drugs testing. Morphine and its metabolites are found in those samples, at levels which, in the opinion of the reporting toxicologist, are consistent with a potentially fatal morphine overdose.


How can we help prepare a defence?

Our experts have considerable experience in the analysis of body fluids and organs for the presence of drugs and poisons and the interpretation of the levels of drug or poison found.


Our forensic toxicologist can:



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