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Mobile phone forensics and networking

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With over 23 years of experience in mobile telecommunications, Adam is an expert witness specialising in cell-site analysis, mobile phone attribution and related subjects.


Adam is an experienced radio frequency engineer specialising in RFPS surveying which he has been heavily involved in since 1999. Not only carrying out surveys on his own cases, he also carries out independent surveys for many other leading expert witnesses and Forensic suppliers. Able to carry out surveys in any environment, on all mobile network technologies, GSM through to the latest 5G New Radio cells and Wi-Fi networks.


From 1999 to 2015 Adam has held a number of technical roles within the Vodafone Group, specialising in the design and delivery of coverage solutions for Corporate customers and large public venues, like stadiums and airports which require high capacity complex solutions.


Alongside forensics Adam also works on projects for EE, carrying out antenna testing on new 2G, 4G and 5G NR cell sites in the design and post integration phases before acceptance into the live radio access network.


Adam works as a member of the Forensic Equity cell site team offering services in connection with forensic investigation and analysis of mobile telephony.


  • Digital forensic analyst, specialising in all aspects of mobile communications and cell site analysis, with over 23 years’ experience.

  • Reporting scientist, having acted as an expert witness for the defence in major criminal cases. These cases have included charges of major drugs offences, burglary and murder.

  • Expert in the examination, analysis and interpretation of call data records (CDRs), including identifying communication chains and simplifying large volumes of telephone billing data, sourcing repeat patterns in phone records and revealing hidden associations between users.

  • Expert in undertaking meticulous cell site mapping, this results in determining the geographical locations and the movements of a particular phone during a particular ‘period of interest’.

  • Highly experienced in mobile phone attribution and connection record charting, in order to support or contest the attribution or association of a mobile phone number to a particular person or location.

  • Highly skilled RFPS surveyor, having acted on hundreds of major criminal cases for both the prosecution and defence. Extensive knowledge and experience of using RF survey tools used to investigate and monitor the radio access network. Tools include Keysight’s (Handy, Outdoor and Analyze), Infovista’s TEMS and R&S Romes.

  • Highly skilled in the interpretation of radio frequency propagation survey results (RFPS), including establishing serving cells and the extent of network coverage.

  • Highly proficient in supporting the defence or prosecution team, by assisting with cross-examination.

Committee Memberships

  • Whilst in the Vodafone Group, Adam undertook and passed various industry recognised training programs on the mobile radio access networks.

Notable Work

  • Designed and developed a number of applications, including a Home Office award-winning Police Administration System for Leicestershire Police.

  • Represented Vodafone on a number of GSM and ETSI committees and in working parties responsible for designing the GSM and 3G networks.

  • Product manager responsible for the design and implementation of many of the major Vodafone products, such as bundled tariffs and the first introduction of pre-pay into the UK.

  • Undertaken cell-site analysis work in multiple jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Cayman Islands.

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