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Peter Brown


Areas of expertise


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Cell site analysis

Mobile phone forensics and networking


With 30 years in the telecoms Peter Brown is a highly respected senior digital forensic analyst specialising in cell site analysis, tagging, telephone attribution and related subjects.


Peter’s career as an engineer, working in the disciplines of telephony and professional radio design, spans more than thirty years. Peter started as an apprentice with BT and then subsequently studied for a BSc. in Telecommunications at the University of Essex. 


Between 1986 and 2004 Peter held a number of technical and operational roles at Vodafone. He was initially the Operations Executive, where his responsibilities included the successful operation and maintenance of the whole UK network. Peter was subsequently Head of Service Quality Assurance, where he was concerned with network performance measurement, including the metering and billing systems.

As a specialist digital forensic analyst since 2005, Peter has provided expert opinion in many hundreds of cases with regards to the technique known as Cell-Site Analysis and has given evidence in support of his opinions to various Courts including: Juvenile, Magistrates, Crown Courts, High Courts and the Courts of Appeal.


Peter is extremely well versed in reporting for either the prosecution or defence and is highly experienced in offering assistance with cross examination.


  • Leading digital forensic analyst, specialising in all aspects of mobile communications and cell site analysis, with over 30 years’ experience.

  • Senior reporting scientist, having acted as an expert witness for both prosecution and defence in hundreds of major criminal cases. These cases have included charges of major drugs offences, burglary, murder and terrorism.

  • Leading expert in the examination, analysis and interpretation of call data records (CDRs), including identifying communication chains and simplifying large volumes of telephone billing data, sourcing repeat patterns in phone records and revealing hidden associations between users.

  • Leading expert in undertaking meticulous cell site mapping, this results in determining the geographical locations and the movements of a particular phone during a particular ‘period of interest’.

  • Highly experienced in mobile phone attribution and connection record charting, in order to support or contest the attribution or association of a mobile phone number to a particular person or location.

  • Highly skilled in the interpretation of on-site physical network radio frequency propagation surveys(RFPS), including establishing serving cells and the extent of network coverage.

  • Exceedingly practised in analysing and considering automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) sightings and periods of ‘radio silence’.

  • Highly proficient in supporting the defence or prosecution team, by assisting with cross-examination.

Notable Work

  • In 2010 Peter was awarded a Certificate of Commendation in the case of R v Horne by His Honour Judge Neil McKittrick.

Notable Cases


Helped secure an acquittal of charges under Section 2(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 via his cell-site work and appearing as an expert witness at court.

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