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Shoe prints and footwear mark comparison

Footwear mark

Footwear marks are commonly encountered at crime scenes and if discovered and suitably preserved they may be compared to the shoes recovered from the suspected perpetrator/s of a particular crime. The evidential significance of such comparisons will depend on a number of factors including the type of shoes or boots involved and how often they had been worn previously and by whom. With footwear matching a very complex science the evidential significance of the results of such comparisons by the prosecution should be re-evaluated by an independent forensic scientist.


Shoe print and footwear mark comparison experts

Shoe print expert   

Dr Sarah Jacob                   


Shoe print forensic scientist

Dr Iain Littley                   


footwear mark comparison forensic              

Steven Lomas C.Chem MRSC MFScSoc

How can we our forensic scientists assist the defence?


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