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Tool and manufacturing marks

tool marks

Certain types of criminal activity, such as breaking and entering, may involve the use of tools to force an entry. Those tools, such as bolt croppers, will leave more or less characteristic marks at the crime scene, depending on how often they had been used previously, on the surface of the material which they have been used to cut or damage. If the tool is recovered from a suspected perpetrator, it may be compared with tool marks found on items at the scene of the crime. The evidential significance of the results of such comparisons needs to be evaluated by an expert.


Forensic experts in tool and manufacturing marks

Tool marks forensic   

Philip Boyce BSc. MSc          


Tool expert    

Dr Sarah Jacob                        


Forensic Scientist

Dr Iain Littley                     


Crime scene investigator            

Steven Lomas C.Chem MRSC MFScSoc

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