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Forensic Equity was founded in 2010 by one of the UK’s leading forensic scientists and within a relatively short space of time we have become the preferred provider of forensic analysis and expert witness services for criminal defence solicitors and barristers from a large number of influential law firms and barristers chambers. 



We have achieved that position through our commitment to delivering a high quality, informative and efficient service, which is closely structured on our individual client’s needs. We aspire to make forensic expertise of the highest quality available to all by making our fees very competitive and suitable for legal aid applicants. Our scientists all have many years of experience in their chosen fields and pride themselves on their standards of impartiality, objectivity and ensuring that the evidential value of the prosecution’s evidence is explained in a clear and credible manner for the benefit of the courts.


Why would you need a forensic defence expert to review and possibly re-interpret the prosecution scientist’s findings?


Although one would expect the analytical results from a case (if produced by an accredited police forensic provider) to be sound and beyond question, there could be many reasons (e.g. human error or time constraints for that particular examination) why that is not always the case. Even if the analytical results are sound they may often be open to more than one scientific interpretation.


It is therefore essential that a defence expert is instructed to check the accuracy and scope of the analytical results and also provide their own interpretation of them. This process should present a more balanced view of the evidence, including any strengths or weaknesses in the prosecution case.


Why would you need a forensic defence expert to consider re-examination or further examinations in your case?


The drive to cut the cost of forensic science has led to the recent upheaval in forensic services within England and Wales: starting with the introduction of forensic services procurement protocols, where every type of forensic analysis is now a ‘product’ with a fixed cost and culminating in the closure of a previously major forensic provider, The Forensic Science Service (FSS). The drive to cut costs means that the police may only select a few of the exhibits in a case for more detailed forensic examination and the recovery of potential evidential material from those items may be carried out in-house by the police themselves who will then subsequently send the recovered material for more detailed testing.


The in-house screening of exhibits by the police may mean that only those items that support the prosecution case will be selected and submitted for further testing. Thus conversely there may be evidence on non-selected items that assist the defence case. 


It is therefore important that the scientist/s retained by the defence have access to all the exhibits seized in a case so that they can then make an expert judgement about what needs to be re-examined or newly examined to provide a balanced view of all the available evidence and potentially assist in providing a defence case.


The range of forensic services that Forensic Equity offers to the defence include:



Forensic defence experts by evidence type


Forensic defence experts by specialism

Forensic biology


Forensic biologist


Forensic chemistry


Forensic chemist

  • Raymond Jenkins BSc. MSc




Digital forensics

Digital forensic analyst

  • Audio enhancement and transcription
  • CCTV enhancement and imagery analysis
  • Peter Brown
  • Cell site analysis
  • Computer forensics
  • Ryan Stokoe
  • Facial mapping and reconstruction
  • Mark Rigby
  • Mobile phone forensics and networking

Drugs of abuse


Drugs of abuse expert

  • Cathy Frew BSc. (Hons)





Fingerprint expert


Firearms and ballistics


Firearms expert


Forensic pathology


Forensic pathologist

  • Dr Simon Poole
  • Dr David Rouse (Retired from the Home Office Register)
  • Dr Nicolas Hunt

Road traffic


Road traffic expert


Forensic toxicology


Forensic toxicologist











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